Our mission is to create the most innovative and trustworthy health and fitness products on the market.
Victory Labs was founded with a mission to avoid monotonous noise-filled, boring and unsatisfying product offerings.We are hellbent on creating a support system for body and mind, and we want all of humanity to succeed!

Our Mission is to create the most innovative and trustworthy health and fitness products on the market, while questioning everything and taking nothing for granted.
Victory Labs is supporting emerging scientific research and rebelling against the last 30 years of “Same as the other guy” positioning.
Victory Labs is built to future proof your training and enhance your results in and out of the gym.

Fat burners


    What diets have you tried and haven’t worked

    Everyone is different. That’s the benefit of investing in a coach that can provide you with nutrition guidance that is specific to you and your goals. For myself personally, the lack of nutritional knowledge when I first started my fitness journey was my demise. I under ate significantly and my metabolism slowed down and my body went into survival mode. Under eating is the worst diet I have ever tried.

    What are the components of your training program (Lifting/Cardio/HIIT, etc)? How do you balance training with diet?

    I weight train 5 days a week with two rest days included in my week. Cardio is minimal. I enjoy going for walks in the morning. This helps to clear my mind. Sometimes, I will do HIIT on the stationary bike in our gym at home. When I train hard I ensure that I have plenty of carbs before and after training for energy and to aid in recovery. When I have rest days, I lower my carbohydrate intake, and increase my fats for the day, and eat 1 meal less.

    How did you build the self-confidence required to strut on stage and show your physique?

    As the saying goes, if you have a Ferrari, you don’t just keep it in the garage… After all the weeks of training, dieting and discipline, you want to show off the body you have earned. I won’t lie - the stage has pushed me out my comfort zone, but once you are up there, it is the best adrenaline rush!

    Future plans?

    My immediate plans are first to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with balance. Then, I will continue to challenge myself in the gym and push myself to achieve my fitness goals. Having finished my courses, I am excited to share my knowledge with others and coach them to become the best versions on themselves while assisting them to achieve their goals.

    Share experiences and feelings from one of your recent contests

    In the WBFF the whole day is AMAZING. The comradery between competitors is wonderful and uplifting, and you meet so many like-minded people who turn into close friends post show. My favourite part is definitely stepping out on stage in my theme ware. I chose to wear huge wings like a Victoria’s Secret duper model and it was the best feeling in the world! Competing has taught me so much about myself. Has taught me about dieting, nutrition, training, and self-discipline.