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Our Mission is to create the most innovative and trustworthy health and fitness products on the market, while questioning everything and taking nothing for granted. Victory Labs is supporting emerging scientific research and rebelling against the last 30 years of “Same as the other guy” positioning. Victory Labs is built to future proof your training and enhance your results in and out of the gym.



    Future plans?

    My immediate plan is to personally build a healthier metabolism while maintaining a good physique. Building a healthy social life is extremely important to me as well. In the past few years, I have gained a wealth of knowledge concerning dieting and bodybuilding. I want to help pass that knowledge and experience on to others. I see far too many unhealthy diets and habits that lead people into severe eating disorders. The sport of bodybuilding can be extremely unhealthy if not done right. I want to show people that there is a healthy was to enjoy and excel at bodybuilding without destroying hormones or metabolism.

    What diets have you tried and haven’t worked

    I do not believe that there is a right or wrong diet. It is a fact that some diets are more optimal than others. It is more about finding what works for you. For example: some people react good to keto (high fat) while others might need low fat and higher carbohydrates in their diet.

    Share experiences and feelings from one of your recent contests

    My last show was great! I competed against, in my opinion, some of the best physiques in the country. I missed timed my foods, water and sodium protocols because the day was extremely long because my category was last and the show was running late. Having said that, it was still a lot of fun. As everyone who has competed before knows, the best part of the day was going to have a massive burger with all my friends after the competition.

    What are the components of your training program (Lifting/Cardio/HIIT, etc)? How do you balance training with diet?

    I try mix my cardio up, but my weight training stays the same year-round. In preparation, I do more HIIT training as I believe if burns more body fat for me. In an off season, I prefer to mix it up with walks on the beach or the river, or maybe some stairs, or boxing. Walking nonstop on a treadmill does not interest me in the slightest. I’m a big fan of EARNING YOUR FOOD. If you have been either, laying on the couch, or sitting at a desk all day, I wouldn’t be cracking the Nutella jar. But, if you have had a very active day, by all means, reward yourself. Never deprive yourself of earned calories: that will only create eating disorder.

    How does your contest diet change from offseason?

    I believe it is very important to reverse diet (add calories slowly) after a show. The ultimate goal of an offseason would be to build a health metabolism, maintain a manageable bodyfat percentage so when it’s time to ‘cut’ again it’s all very easy. In an offseason, I practise flexible dieting. Who wants to be chomping on dry chicken breast and broccoli 365 days of the year? Anyone that knows me knows that I love a burger and a doughnut every occasionally. If a healthy metabolism is maintained, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy them without stacking on the pounds. During preparation for competition, my diet is very regulated to all me to drop calories slowly while allowing me to maintain enough calories to insure I do not lose muscle mass. The task is very difficult, but it does get easier the more you get to know your body.